AtlasGraph Graph Database

The first domestically developed cloud-native real-time parallel graph database based on Rust in China.

We are committed to building industrial-grade databases with independent intellectual property rights and security controls in China.
Support the stable and efficient execution of online transactions and offline analysis tasks, and empower the implementation of data science, business intelligence, and machine learning scenarios.

Technical Advantages

Exceptional Computing Performance

Designed and implemented using the high-performance language Rust, leveraging the performance advantages of C/C++-like languages and the design flexibility of multi-paradigm languages.

Based on a high-performance storage and computing engine, it supports concurrent query response performance in milliseconds.

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Massive Storage Scale

Utilizes a distributed storage design, supporting data storage and computing at a scale of trillions.

Natively supports unlimited horizontal scaling and leverages solid-state drives for further vertical performance improvements.

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Secure and Reliable Service Architecture

Service components support load balancing, failure detection, and self-recovery, eliminating single points of failure.

Highly optimized storage sharding and replication strategies, efficient synchronization, recovery, and redistribution support.

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Product Features

Powerful Language and Algorithm Support

Supports the OpenCypher graph query language, ensuring standardization and portability.

Built-in with various commonly used graph algorithms and the extensive APOC algorithm library, saving graph analysts significant statement development time.

The built-in algorithm library is optimized by experts to guarantee execution performance and stability.

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User-Friendly Visual Modeling Platform

AtlasStudio is a one-stop visual graph analysis tool based on the AtlasGraph graph database.

Simple and easy-to-use interactive design helps non-technical personnel quickly get started with the graph database.

Supports user and data permissions, as well as management functions for graph instances, ontology definitions, etc., making it easy to manage.

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Comprehensive Toolset

Rich command-line tool support, including graph query access, cluster management, data ingestion, and more.

Multi-language SDK support for rapid integration with secondary development and function encapsulation.

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Enterprise-Grade Features


Role-based access control system ensures system security and control at the user and action granularity.

Shared isolation is set on demand to ensure business flexibility.

Label Management

Label-level permission control based on entities (nodes) and relationships (edges) further ensures data and privacy security.

Tailored permissions for different roles to adapt to the diverse needs of the business.

Service Monitoring

Real-time reporting of component metrics and status, one-stop query and analysis, ensuring service observability.

Log Audit

Action-based log audit and analysis support enables traceability of user operations and system events.